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Name: Roxanne Marie LeBlanc

Birthday: Unknown

Place of Birth: Fort Marshall, South Carolina

TV Show: Army Wives

Character Bio: Roxy and Trevor married after only a four-day courtship. She is initially an outsider on the base until chatting to Claudia Joy Holden in the Hump Bar where Roxy has taken a job as a waitress. Soon after, she befriends other wives, as their common bonds outweigh their differences. Roxy has dealt with an alcoholic mother and an abusive former spouse, and her family has constant money problems. As the health of Betty, owner of the Hump Bar, deteriorates, Roxy is groomed to take over the bar. Despite a noticeable lack of business savvy, her street sense more than compensates. When Betty dies, Roxy briefly renames the bar “Betty’s Place,” but has since changed it back to the Hump Bar.

Why she inspires me: Roxy is quite literally my favorite character on this show. She’s strong willed, outspoken, and witty. I love that she tells people how it is no matter how inappropriate it might be. She’s been through a lot, but every time something knocks her down she just get’s right back up and that’s one of the things I love about her. She is a great role model for young women.

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